Alyssa P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Palmer for over twelve years. I first saw him for a ballet-related back injury when I was a young teenager. I had two compression fractures and soft tissue injury in my lumbar spine. Hearing the diagnosis, my parents and I were frightened that I had seriously damaged my back. Dr. Palmer was not only knowledgeable, he was extremely kind, compassionate, and understanding.


I was a young teenager attending an intensive dance training program, with hopes of becoming a professional ballet dancer. He made me feel comfortable while dealing with my first serious injury. It was a traumatic time for me, but he allayed all my fears and got me back on my toes after a short time. After my first meeting with Dr. Palmer, I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Palmer continued to treat me for other dance-related injuries, up until I left to attend school in Florida in 2006.


Until recently, my back was feeling fine. A few months ago, I began having pain and facet joint problems in my lumbar spine. I had seen several doctors in Florida and none have been as knowledgeable or as caring as Dr. Palmer. With my back worsening, I knew I needed to see Dr. Palmer again. I am so glad I flew up to New Jersey to see him. Following several injections, my back has begun to feel better.


If you want a physician who will listen in great detail about your problem, and will do his darnedest to make sure you get the best care and relief of your discomfort, then I highly recommend you see Dr. Palmer. He is the reason I travel from Florida to New Jersey to go to Princeton Orthopaedics.


Alyssa P.

Tampa, FL

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