I am Dr. Michael A. Palmer’s patient at your Neck & Back Institute at 727 State Road in Princeton. He has been helping me to recover from the severe pain that resulted from major back surgery three years ago. We have tried different types of physical therapy, combined with OTC NSAID medications. Until a few weeks ago, nothing worked. I felt as if a knife was slicing my back in half. This pain was constant, and I was uncomfortable sitting, standing, or lying. I had almost given up on “life.”


I have always believed in the power of modern medicine based on research, so I was skeptical when Dr. Palmer recommended acupuncture. The thought of needles all over my body was almost more terrifying than the thought of life with constant pain, so I did not expect much from this treatment.


The results were immediate and amazing. The next day my lower back pain was greatly diminished. A fluke I thought. Then after the second session, the “knife” in my back disappeared. Each successive treatment over the last six weeks has increased my comfort level. I can sleep again!!! – I have only needed an occasional NSAID if I have been doing too much physical work.


My insurance company will only cover acupuncture done in a medical office by a doctor. Dr. Palmer has been a godsend because he meets that criteria and is also very good at “painless” acupuncture. I have been recommending his services to people who are also seeking pain relief through acupuncture. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to imagine a future life without constant pain!



Plainsboro, NJ


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