Muscles Injuries

Acute soreness in your muscles after any kind of work out is a fairly normal phenomenon. It typically occurs with the build up of lactic acid and is felt hours to a day after physical activity. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) results after strenuous physical activity and presents as muscle soreness one to three days after exercise. This is a result of microtears in the muscle tissue resulting in inflammation in the tissue. Both phenomenon are normal characteristics of muscle building as a result of increased physical activity. With proper hydration, stretching, warm up, warm down, and rest time both phenomenon are easily treated and self limiting. If the soreness lasts for more than several days, or becomes more intense, evaluation by at trained professional is recommended. In addition, soreness in the muscle bellies being trained is typical, but when pain is located in the tendon insertions (e.g. achilles tendon, patellar tendon, biceps tendon), a more serious problem may exist. If this type of pain persists or worsens, then once again, evaluation with a trained professional is recommended.

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