ORIF Fractures – Distal Humerus, T-Condylar, Radial Head, Olecranon

The Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) of the distal humerus is an operation that fixes fractures in the humerus that are generally difficult to secure with a cast or splint (external fixation).

The broken bones are fixed in place by various wires, nails or pins so as to ensure the best possible healing between them. This minimizes complications in which the bones either do not join correctly (malunion) or start healing without forming a bond between the two (nonunion).

This procedure is commonly performed on elderly patients as an alternative to total elbow arthroscopy (TEA). In multiple comparative studies, ORIF has fared just well as TEA but suffers from the unique issue of possible implant failure, although actual malfunction is not common.

ORIF requires minimal hospitalization and has excellent potential for providing the most efficient healing possible. All surgical techniques carry risk and it is important you discuss this with your doctor during consultation.

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