Total Hip Replacement Surgery New Jersey

The hip is a “ball-and-socket” joint where the “ball” at the top of the thigh bone (femur) fits inside the “socket” in the pelvis (acetabulum). A natural substance in the body called cartilage lubricates the joint. When the bone and/or cartilage of the hip becomes diseased or damaged from arthritis, hip fractures, bone death or other causes, the joint can stiffen and be very painful. Total hip replacement surgery may be recommended for patients who experience severe hip pain and whose daily lives are affected by the pain.

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“Thanks for helping me get back to my active, pain-free life with a successful hip replacement!”
– Mary H.

“I’ve only had the best experiences with Dr. Gutowski. I trust him completely and I don’t trust surgeons easily. He took care of a previous situation 5 years ago that needed expert solving and he just replaced my other hip in January. Thank you, Dr. G.!!”
– Ginger M.

Dr. Bezwada is a very professional, excellent surgeon for Anterior Hip Replacements. Everything from my first visit, was explained well, all questions answered and the surgery and recovery went smoothly and as expected.”
– Leah H.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

In a total hip replacement surgery, the diseased bone and cartilage are replaced with a metal ball and plastic cup. The artificial joint, called a prosthesis, may be cemented in place, may be cementless, or maybe a hybrid of both. The surgery takes from two to four hours, followed by another few hours spent under observation in a recovery room. Patients usually enjoy immediate relief from joint pain after the surgery.

When Does Therapy Start After Total Hip Replacement

Physical therapy starts as soon as the first day after surgery with the goal of strengthening the muscles and preventing scarring (contracture). Therapy begins with the patient sitting in a chair and progresses to stepping, walking and climbing stairs, first with crutches or walkers and then without supportive devices. Occupational therapy and at-home exercises help patients learn how to use the prosthesis in everyday activities.

Total hip replacement surgery is successful in over 95% of well-selected patients. On average, replacements last 15-20 years. Some patients enjoy full use of the prosthesis after 25 years or longer.

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