Pedicle Screw Fixation

Pedicle screw fixation is performed in conjunction with spinal fusion surgery to secure the vertebrae of the treated area in a fixed position.  These devices provide stability and support to the spine after surgery and keep bone grafts in position while the spine heals.  While pedicle screws provide anchor points on the spinal segment, metal rods are used to connect them together.

Once the bone graft has grown and fuses to the surrounding bones, the screws and rods are not considered medically necessary.  However, they can remain in place for most patients with an eliminated need for invasive removal surgery.  In some patients, the pedicle screws may begin to cause discomfort and should be removed in these patients.

While initial treatment with screws was associated with many risks, current treatments are considered safe for most patients with certain spinal conditions.  Most patients experience significant or total improvement in pain symptoms after surgery, and are able to stop using pain medication on a regular basis.  Your doctor will discuss any potential risks of this procedure with you before your surgery.

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