Posterior Tibial Tendon Reconstruction/Calcaneal Osteotomy

Many cases of adult flat foot are caused by a rupture of the posterior tibial tendon, the structure that travels through the ankle and is responsible for creating the arch in our feet.  Overweight women are at an increased risk of developing this condition, as are patients whose flat foot has been present since childhood.  As the tibial tendon tears, patients often experience pain as the foot gradually rolls inward and flattens.  Over time, the supporting ligaments in the foot begin to stretch and tear as well.

While treatment for this condition may include orthotics, braces and other conservative methods, most patients will usually require surgery to cut or realign the bones and correct the deformity.  Surgery often involves a calcaneal osteotomy, which cuts and shifts the heel bone in order to transfer another tendon to be used in place of the torn tibial tendon.  This procedure is consider the most common treatment for this condition and offers highly effective results with a low risk of recurrence.

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