Ramona S.

While hanging my bird feeders, my stepstool gave-way, and I fell on my left side. I realized that I broke my wrist. My orthopedic surgeon at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital was Dr. David Lamb who immediately fixed me up without any wait time!

I followed up with POA. My surgeon was Dr. Marc J. Lamb, who continued with my care. Dr. Marc Lamb explained my options, along with the healing process, so I opted to go with surgery for a faster recovery.

My experience at POA was great. The first thing I noticed is how spacious the layout of the waiting room is. The receptionist who helped me was friendly and made me feel welcome. When Dr. Marc Lamb introduced himself to me, I realized that not only was he the brother of the doctor who initially helped me in the ER, but I discovered that Dr. Marc Lamb’s personality is phenomenal! He explained my options and the length of time for the healing process on both procedures. I wasn’t nervous as I knew I was in GREAT hands. The surgery went well and the healing process was exactly what Dr. Marc Lamb explained.

In closing, I will continue to refer my friends and family to POA to see Dr. Marc Lamb. He is a phenomenal surgeon with an awesome personality whom I trust and respect. I have, and will, continue to refer my friends and family to POA for all their orthopedic needs. Respectfully submitted and sincerely yours…

Ramona S.
South Brunswick, NJ

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