Russell F

My first hip replacement surgery was done in Philadelphia in 2005. When it was time to have my other hip replaced, I chose Dr. Bezwada & Capital Health in Hopewell, NJ. Dr. Bezwada is one of the few doctors that performs this surgery through the front instead of the back. This means there are no movement restrictions, reduces rehabilitation time and pain. The pre-surgery consultation and orientation at Capitol Health was excellent. They informed me of the entire process from pre-admission testing to discharge. Dr. Bezwada phoned me the evening before the surgery to assure me that everything was going to go well. After surgery, I woke up in recovery and was soon taken to my private room. The nurses at Capital Health were professional and polite. Because of Dr. Bezwada, I am able to coach soccer again pain-free. I recommended Dr. Bezwada to my mother-in-law and at age 83 also came through the surgery pain-free.

Russell F.
Lawrenceville, NJ

Category: Hari P. Bezwada, M.D.

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