Steve B.

Dr. Palmer and I met approximately eight years ago. I was recommended to Princeton Orthopaedics by a colleague who had a similar problem as I did – two bad knees with arthritis in both knees. I basically was hobbled at the age of 45 years old. I stopped all athletic activity, had trouble going up and down steps. Walking warehouse floors was a large part of my job. A casual trip to the beach was a nightmare. Pain and frustration followed me everywhere.

In the beginning, the thought of having cortisone injections in both knees was about the last thing I wanted to do, but after consulting with Dr. Palmer, I began to realize that in order to find a somewhat more quality of life, I needed to believe there was a method to this madness of pain relief through injection. Ugh. At first I was very timid, but Dr. Palmer’s gentle technique and expertise was incredible. I began a program of cortisone treatment and hyaluronan. These treatments were success in treating pain, to the point that I was fortunate to resume skiing again and other nonimpact athletic endeavors.

I think the doctor bridged the gap from pain management, until finally both knees needed total reconstruction. I was very confident when Dr. Palmer finally said very honestly one afternoon, that the time had come that a decision needed to be made to go on to the next step – double knee replacement. I credit Dr. Palmer with giving me the best advice of my life.

After three months of rehab, I am back doing the activities I did in my 20s and 30s – riding a bike, walking the boardwalk, and running the beach every day in the summer! Stairs are no longer a dreaded obstacle; in fact, bouncing up and down the steps just as I did as a teenager is now a delight. I have also lost 35 pounds after many years of choosing to sit and veg-out, instead of activity in the gym. I now have my life back and feel like I have regained the 10-15 years that the pain and arthritis took from me. Thanks Doc. It was a pleasure getting to know you, and be the best recipient of the best orthopedic care I could ever have possibly decided.

Thanks for giving me back motion and pain free movement!

Steve B.
Pennington, NJ

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