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Barbara G.

My experience with my shoulder operation that Dr. Song performed was the best decision I made.  He was my second opinion that turned quickly to be the first after meeting and talking to him.  He explained in great detail about what he was going to repair and I felt so comfortable with him.  The outcome of the surgery was better than I expected.  My physical therapist was so impressed that he now recommends Dr. Song to all!  I can lift my arm straight up and over with no pain.  I cannot say enough about Dr. Song.  I loved everything about him.  The office staff was very helpful and pleasant.  Dr. Song was always on time, never late.  I will speak to any patient who is not sure what to do! 


Barbara G.

Ingeborg S.

My experience with Dr. Song:  He is the kindest, most caring doctor.  He actually saved my life.  I am 76 years old and, for the last year, was in so much pain in my shoulder, I just did not want to live anymore.  In August 2015, I was in the hospital with a pinched nerve and, between my shoulder and back, I was ready to give up.  I went to another surgeon for my shoulder and, unfortunately, he could not operate on me until March 2016 but he gave me Dr. Song’s name, so I called Dr. Song and he saw me one week later.  After reading my MRI, he sat down and talked to me.  He said my shoulder was bone-on-bone and, of course, I also have arthritis.  The minute I saw him, I knew this was my doctor to help me.  To see Dr. Song, I had so much trust in him I was anxious for him to operate on me so, October 14, I went to the hospital.  I cannot describe what a wonderful surgeon and person he is.  I am still in therapy but I can do everything that I did before.  To me, he is like a god-send.  I just adore him, trust him, and love him for the help he gave me.  I thought I was too old for this operation, but he proved me wrong.  I am telling all my friends who have shoulder problems to see Dr. Song.  For me, he is the only doctor to go to.  I “love” Dr. Song. 


Ingeborg S.

Lawrenceville, NJ

Susan Z.

Three years ago, Dr. Hasan recommended that I have ESWT for recurring bouts of plantar fasciitis. After about 6 weeks, I was back to my normal activity level which includes working out with a trainer 3 times a week and playing tennis several times a week. Thanks to Dr. Hasan, and ESWT, I am pain-free.


Susan Z.

West Palm Beach, FL

Sylvia T

Thank you! Dr. Fleming, Thank you! My cruise was fabulous due to you helping me with my knee. I walked the “big ship” from end to end without pain. I know I will always have problems with my knee but will accept all the good that I have because of YOU.

Sylvia T.
Monroe Township, NJ

Theodore F.

“I’m beyond thrilled with the outcome of my procedure by Dr. Song. Prior to my surgery, I couldn’t lift my arm above my chest – now I am back to golf and can easily lift my arm above my head. Dr. Song was upbeat and optimistic. My recovery went better than I expected – in 6 to 8 weeks I was sleeping comfortably and I’m better than I could’ve ever imagined. My only regret is that I didn’t do it a year earlier!”

Theodore F.
Somerset, NJ

Theza F

What a gift you are to me, to our community, to us all.  I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to fit me into your insane schedule to care for me and to send me on the path to healing.  I know it is what you do but you are so selfless and incredibly kind as you do it.  Thank you.  Thank you for everything.  It is an honor to know you, a pleasure to be in your company, a privilege to call you a friend.

Theza F.
West Windsor, NJ

Tina B.

My son, husband, and I have all been under the care of Dr. Fleming over the past 10 to 15 years. Dr. Fleming has performed knee surgery on my husband and shoulder surgery on both my son and I. We have always found Dr. Fleming to have a wonderful demeanor. During the pre-op visits he always demonstrates a positive attitude and explains fully what to expect after surgery. Dr. Fleming is warm, compassionate, friendly, and professional. He always manages to keep his appointments at their scheduled times.

Tina B.

Victoria C.

Dr. Stacey Miller-Smith helped me get through a lot of pain. If it weren’t for her, I would not be able to move without pain. She is excellent at really listening when examining you and she will go above-and-beyond to help. Additionally, she referred me to the right specialists to help with imbalance and dizziness issues. She is well-respected and well-liked by other doctors. She is absolutely amazing!

Victoria C.
Hamilton, NJ

Wendy W

Dr. Fleming-
Thank you so much for your kind attention and the time you spent with Maxwell’s arm. I am pleased to report that he is bouncing and tumbling around again with no pain – he even played in his All Star soccer game last week and started his baseball season!

I have more family members with orthopedic care needs: Son with Osgood-Schlaters, Daughter with an elbow injury, and my Husband who will be requiring knee surgery in his future – all being treated at Princeton Orthopaedic Associates. We love POA!

Wendy W.
Pennington, NJ


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