Princeton Orthopaedic Associates is proud to announce we have been chosen by Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to be a Tier 1 provider in their OMNIA Health Plans. The Group was selected based on patient satisfaction, quality of clinical care and commitment to value-based healthcare. Patients enrolled with OMNIA Health plans will see lower co-payments and deductibles by utilizing a Tier 1 provider like Princeton Orthopaedics Associates.  As always our commitment is to your excellent Orthopaedic care.

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Dr. Vannozzi replaced my left hip in 10/2012 and my right hip this past 10/2015. In between, he was almost as frustrated as me with continuing left hip, back pain, and right hip pain. The right hip proved to be very deceptive. The first two MRIs did not present a need for surgery. The third MRI presented stenosis and a buildup of arthritis necessitating surgery. Dr. Vannozzi was amazed with the amount of damage to the top part of the femur. He has always been a concerned and extremely skillful surgeon. I am finally recovering completely after the second hip. I could not recommend him more.

Barbara S.

Mendham, NJ

Dr. Nazarian performed a spinal fusion on me in the Fall of 2013. This occurred between a left hip replacement in 2012 and a right hip replacement in 2015. Obviously, there was resulting back pain after each hip replacement. Dr. Nazarian couldn't have been kinder, more concerned, or patient with me. He provided excellent care starting with his surgical skills. I couldn't recommend him more.

Barbara S.

Mendham, NJ

Dr. Song came highly recommended by my sports medicine orthopaedist. I had a bad tear in my rotator cuff, a bone spur, and he found an old tear in my biceps. He took the time to explain everything to me. I was very nervous about the procedure but the people that work at the Surgery Center, to his assistant, Ashley, to the physical therapist, Rahul, made my experience a reassuring one. Every part of the procedure went down like Dr. Song told me. I was also fortunate that Dr. Song has a coordinated effort with a highly-skilled physical therapist by the name of Rahul. He knew exactly what Dr. Song wanted done and at no point did I feel that I was ever overextended past my limitations. Now, 6 months after the procedure, I forget that I ever had a problem. I have complete mobility from not being able to raise my arm [prior]. I was very fortunate to have a skilled surgeon as Dr. Song treat me. I was so thrilled with the results that I am always dropping his name when I come across people with this common problem. I would recommend Dr. Song very highly.

Alan L.

Monroe Township, NJ

Clearly, had 3 snapped rotator cuff muscles caused by 2 great accidents while vacationing in Costa Rica.  Two months later, I had my first visit with Dr. Song who immediately recognized that my shoulder was dislocated and took immediate action to prevent a need for an artificial shoulder operation.  From then on, every aspect of my care was administered with consummate professionalism.  I really feel your practice is first class in every way.  Dr. Song is really on top of his game and the whole experience was amazing, given the seriousness of my injuries.  Eight months after my operation, I was back playing beach volleyball.

Nelson O.

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