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Scott L.

Dr. Stacey Miller-Smith is the best doctor I have ever had. I have been her patient for the past 3 years. Two previous meniscus surgeries shaved away all the cartilage from my right knee. I was “bone-on-bone” and experiencing pain when I walked, climbed stairs, etc. She makes me feel very comfortable on each appointment, starts with less complicated and less expensive solutions, and doesn’t rush to surgery, since she doesn’t do surgery. Dr. Miller-Smith patiently answers all my questions and explains what she recommends and why. Those are just a few of the many reason I say with confidence that Dr. Stacey Miller-Smith is the best doctor I have ever had.

Scott L.
Plainsboro, NJ

Lorraine W.

Dr. Stacey Miller-Smith is the BEST OF THE BEST. She is knowledgeable, kind, and caring. She is very thorough with her exam and very attentive. I have recommended her to my sister and friends and we all think that she is really terrific!

Lorraine W.
Allentown, NJ

Anastasia D.

I am a 55 year-old fitness instructor – I rely on my physical abilities to make a living; Although I was in a lot of pain, I was extremely hesitant about undergoing hip replacement surgery given that I did not know to what extent a potentially lengthy recovery would undermine my work. Dr. Bezwada was absolutely wonderful. His conduct was impeccably professional, and his care for his patients unquestionable. His polite and personable demeanor immediately put me at ease and made me comfortable to ask many questions about my condition and its treatment. He shared his knowledge unhurriedly taking into account my knowledge of the human body. He thoroughly explained the problem with my hip and the surgery to correct it and provided me with “take-home” information that allowed me to make an educated decision about undergoing surgery. He truly went of his way to make me feel comfortable and confident by phoning me the night before the surgery to go over residual issues and answer any questions. During my brief stay at the hospital and during my follow-up visits at his office he has consistently addressed all my questions about the healing process unhurriedly and with great care. I have healed surprisingly fast and my pain has completely disappeared. I am able to walk again without pain and anguish and have resumed all my intense physical activities at the gyms and outdoors. I cant’ speak highly enough about Dr. Bezwada. I have recommended him to my clients and friends and will continue doing so in the future. He is a great asset and I am grateful that he is there for me and all of his other patients.

Anastasia D.
Highland Park, NJ

Louise P.

When I go up and down stairs I say “thank you” to Dr. Stacey Miller-Smith. I was unable to do this without pain before I saw her. Every six months I have my left knee injected. This has greatly helped my mobility. I do 2 water aerobics classes, strong bones & circuit training classes. I would not be able to do this without Dr. Stacey Miller-Smith. My age is 72!

Louise P.
Somerset, NJ

Laura B.

During the space of one years’ time, Dr. Brian Vannozzi performed total knee replacement surgery on both of my knees. Princeton Orthopaedic Associates’ staff made each phase of the surgery, its preparation and recovery, as stress free as possible. Appointments were easily made and worked with my schedule; staff was courteous and cheerful, and Dr. Vannozzi was everything you would want in your surgeon. I have since recommended Princeton Orthopaedic Associates and Dr. Vannozzi to several coworkers without reservation.

I can’t begin to tell you what a difference this surgery has made in my life. The constant pain is gone; I am able to walk to the soccer fields to watch my grandsons’ games; and everyday chores have become so much easier.

During my recent six-month post-surgery checkup, Dr. Vannozzi came into the examining room and asked me how I was doing. My simple reply was: “I walked across the parking lot…NO MORE VALET PARKING FOR ME!”.

Laura B.
Ewing, NJ

Maryanne F

I like Stacey Miller-Smith very much. She doesn’t rush through the visit, she is very thorough, and she really cares about me getting better. I would highly recommend her as a physician.

Maryanne F.
Hamilton, NJ

Sylvia T.

Thank you! Dr. Fleming, Thank you! My cruise was fabulous due to you helping me with my knee. I walked the “big ship” from end to end without pain. I know I will always have problems with my knee but will accept all the good that I have because of YOU.

Sylvia T.
Monroe Township, NJ

Jeanne K.

Scheduling – surgery & follow up appointments were a breeze? Wait time – “none”. I have my life back! Within 2 weeks I threw away my walker/cane. Three months later I walk 90 minutes a day – at least! I did at-home exercises post surgery but did not need any formal physical therapy my prior constant back, knee, hip, and groin pain disappeared immediately. Dr. Bezwada’s beside manner is perfect. He is very calm and conveys that to his patients! I feel unstoppable!

Jeanne K.
Toms River, NJ

Russell F.

My first hip replacement surgery was done in Philadelphia in 2005. When it was time to have my other hip replaced, I chose Dr. Bezwada & Capital Health in Hopewell, NJ. Dr. Bezwada is one of the few doctors that performs this surgery through the front instead of the back. This means there are no movement restrictions, reduces rehabilitation time and pain. The pre-surgery consultation and orientation at Capitol Health was excellent. They informed me of the entire process from pre-admission testing to discharge. Dr. Bezwada phoned me the evening before the surgery to assure me that everything was going to go well. After surgery, I woke up in recovery and was soon taken to my private room. The nurses at Capital Health were professional and polite. Because of Dr. Bezwada, I am able to coach soccer again pain-free. I recommended Dr. Bezwada to my mother-in-law and at age 83 also came through the surgery pain-free.

Russell F.
Lawrenceville, NJ


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