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Learn About Princeton Orthpaedic Associates

"I want to be there for my patients. I've been in this community a long, long time. Because of that, I feel a deep care and responsibility for everyone I see."
- Dr. Mark Pressman

POA’s Trauma specialists work only to treat traumatic injuries and illnesses. That’s why we’re so good at what we do!

Our physicians, therapists, and orthopaedic trauma specialists treat orthopaedic trauma on a daily basis. That's the level of care and expertise we think patients with traumatic injuries deserve. Whatever you're dealing with, our orthopaedic trauma team sees, works to treat, and prevents issues every day!

This is the POA difference

Why Choose Princeton Orthopaedic Associates?

Princeton Orthopaedic Associates is a Community of Extraordinary Care. We both proud and honored to bring extraordinary talent, extraordinary tools and extraordinary techniques as we serve Central New Jersey with world-class, world-recognized and awarded orthopaedic care. We're honored to serve you!

We're Outcome Focused

Getting you back to the you that you remember is our primary goal. We work with our patients to achieve their goals and come up with a custom plan of action.

Exceptional Talent

Our Trauma orthopaedists and therapists are board certified, fellowship trained physicians who server our community with exceptional care.

Collaborate In Community

Community is at the core of excellent service. Our doctors daily collaborate with over 20 other amazing doctors to make sure you're getting the best service possible.

Driven To Compassionate Care

The POA Trauma teams know that we serve people - not random orthopaedic conditions. Quality of life is often tied to health . That drives us to compassionate care.

POA is an outcome-focused orthopaedic practice which combines Extraordinary Talent, Techniques and Tools all while collaborating in community.

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Procedures Relating To Trauma

Our Traumatic Injury Orthopaedic Specialists only deal with trauma-related issues - all day, every day. Our experts routinely perform the following procedures:

Conditions Relating To Trauma

To help our trauma orthpaedic patients understand what they may need, we have articles written on the following trauma-related conditions.  If you feel like any of these traumatic orthopaedic conditions match what you're experiencing, we would be honored to see you.

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Meet Our Trauma Experts



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POA is an outcome-focused orthopaedic practice which combines Extraordinary Talent, Techniques & Tools.
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