Muscle Injuries

By Dr. Frederick Song Acute soreness in your muscles after any kind of work out is a fairly normal phenomenon. It typically occurs with the build-up of lactic acid and is felt hours to a day after physical activity. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) results after strenuous physical activity and presents as muscle soreness one […]


Summertime Hand Injuries

By Marc J. Lamb, MD Each year as the weather becomes warmer; we all flee our winter hibernation and become significantly more physically active. As a result, emergency rooms and urgent care facilities see a large spike in the number of hand and wrist injuries between May and October. Injuries such as lacerations; fractures; dislocations; […]

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Taking Care of Your Knees at Every Age by Dr. Frederick Song

The knee is the largest joint in the body, making it vulnerable to a wide range of problems. Being aware of these problems and how to preventive them can help keep your knees healthy throughout your life, says Frederick Song, MD, an orthopedist on staff at University Medical Center at Princeton (UMCP). Overuse injuries: In […]

Knee Replacement By Dr. Brian Culp

WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME FOR A KNEE REPLACEMENT People with knee arthritis often come into the office with a common question. When is the right time to have my joint replaced? Although the answer to that varies from person to person, my answer is usually the same. When you have tried everything else and […]

Wrist Arthroscopy

By Dr. Marc J. Lamb Many patients are surprised when I recommend arthroscopic wrist surgery as a treatment for their chronic wrist pain or acute injury. Even patients who have previously had arthroscopic procedures on their shoulder or knee are not aware that wrist arthroscopy can be performed. Surgical arthroscopy or a “wrist scope” has […]



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