Following a sports injury in June 2014 and a subsequent MRI, I was diagnosed with a large cervical disc herniation at C5-6. My spinal cord was severely compressed causing myelopathy and stenosis. Dr. Nazarian performed anterior cervical fusion and discectomy surgery in September. From our first meeting through the post -surgery follow-ups, he was caring, compassionate and took the time to explain everything in great detail. He was always accessible and willing to answer my questions, and possesses a great bedside manner. I can’t imagine that I could have been in better hands and would highly recommend Dr. Nazarian.

Gary N.

From the first scheduled appointment to the last one, everyone was professional and very helpful. This was my third surgery done here and they were all handled the same way. Susan Rutledge (Dr. Moskwa’s surgical secretary) was very helpful, as usual. The people at the Surgical Center were also great. In closing, I would like to say that from the girl at the desk to the doctor, it was a pleasure to deal with courteous and professional people. It shows that Dr. Moskwa cares about his patients.

Stanley M.

I have dealt with a lot of physicians in my time. Never have I met someone as kind and caring as Dr. Nazarian. He called me at home after surgery to see how I was feeling. His staff is kind and caring. We never wait long to see him. When he schedules you for an appointment, he is on time. Since using him, we have referred people to the office. He is a great doctor and genuinely kind person. ONE OF THE BEST.

Richard B.
Manalapan, NJ

Kind, considerate, caring, charming and, most of all, gifted. All of these words describe Dr. Brian Vannozzi. He has a calm command of his profession – even in the trauma room at the ER. My family’s confidence in Dr. Vannozzi was bolstered by his rock-star level academic and professional credentials. It was my good fortune that he was on duty the day I broke my hip.

Joyce P.
Hamilton, NJ

While hanging my bird feeders, my stepstool gave-way, and I fell on my left side. I realized that I broke my wrist. My orthopedic surgeon at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital was Dr. David Lamb who immediately fixed me up without any wait time! I followed up with POA. My surgeon was Dr. Marc J. Lamb, who continued with my care. Dr. Marc Lamb explained my options, along with the healing process, so I opted to go with surgery for a faster recovery.

My experience at POA was great. The first thing I noticed is how spacious the layout of the waiting room is. The receptionist who helped me was friendly and made me feel welcome. When Dr. Marc Lamb introduced himself to me, I realized that not only was he the brother of the doctor who initially helped me in the ER, but I discovered that Dr. Marc Lamb’s personality is phenomenal! He explained my options and the length of time for the healing process on both procedures. I wasn’t nervous as I knew I was in GREAT hands. The surgery went well and the healing process was exactly what Dr. Marc Lamb explained.

In closing, I will continue to refer my friends and family to POA to see Dr. Marc Lamb. He is a phenomenal surgeon with an awesome personality whom I trust and respect. I have, and will, continue to refer my friends and family to POA for all their orthopedic needs.

Ramona S.
South Brunswick, NJ

Dr. Vannozzi is, without a doubt, the finest surgeon any patient could hope to have. In the past 2 years, he has provided me with two new hips and each operation has been a qualified success. This time, I was discharged from the hospital after 2 nights and a nurse came to my house on 2 occasions. An excellent physical therapist, Hazel, also came to the house and worked with me for 1 week. After 16 days, Dr. Vannozzi cleared me to drive and I am now doing 4 weeks of outpatient PT.

All aspects of my operation – before and after – have been quite magnificent. I did not need any equipment, as I had it from my first operation on the opposite hip, two years ago. I did not use a walker or crutches and was free-walking after 5 days. I see Dr. Vannozzi again in December, hen he says he will clear me to ski in Colorado in January where I am a ski and snowshoe guide.

Richard M.
Cranbury, NJ

The best medical advice I have been given was to get a second opinion regarding the scheduled amputation of two toes, following osteomyelitis and poor outcome from attempted surgical debridement by another physician. Dr. Levine was sure he could salvage the situation and I had surgery performed by him to more aggressively fight the infection.

Sure enough, his word was true. He is an excellent clinician with extraordinary skills. As a physician assistant, I now refer all my patients requiring orthopedic intervention to Princeton Orthopaedics and, specifically, to Dr. Levine for foot issues. This is a wonderfully run practice!

Lawrence G.
Crosswicks, NJ

It was time for a total hip replacement, and I knew that a successful outcome depended on the skill of the surgeon and his team. I took the time to check out several highly-regarded joint replacement programs, and chose Dr. Vannozzi. I couldn’t have made a better choice. Dr. V’s surgical skill and my amazing recovery surpassed my highest expectations. I have not come across anyone who had such a great experience and as full a recovery as I have had.

Through pre-op, the surgery, and postop care, Dr. V. and the POA team were more than helpful in taking the time to provide complete information on all aspects of the surgical process, from scheduling, insurance, to home care. They made the process as smooth and easy to navigate as it could be.

I am looking forward to having my second hip replacement shortly, and am confident that my care and recovery will, again, be outstanding. The facilities and care that I received at UMCPP couldn’t be better – it was world class. I am so grateful to Dr. Vannozzi for his caring manner, up-to-date information, and surgical skills. He has enabled me to again live pain-free and regain my life. Thank you, Dr. Vannozzi.

Noreen M.
Doylestown, PA

I was a patient at the St. Peter’s Wound Center in Monroe, being treated for a pressure wound under my right big toe. After several unsuccessful attempts, and nearly two years of trying to heal this wound, one of the doctors I had seen on my next visit to the Wound Center, mentioned Dr. Levine to me. She said that he specialized in the foot and, at this point, he could maybe help me. She told me to make an appointment to see him, just to see what he had to say.

I did make that appointment and I saw him in July of 2014. He told me that the bone in my right big toe should be removed and that this should take care of my problem. I was nervous about having this done because I didn’t know how my foot was going to be. I told Dr. Levine that I would think about it and get back to him.

After a few visits to the Wound Center, I could see that nothing was getting better. Then, on my visit to the Wound Center in August of 2014, the doctor at the Wound Center who had checked my wound, went on to probe it and he hit bone. This was not good, because now the bone was exposed and also infected. The Wound Center doctor, phoned Dr. Levine’s office and spoke with him, asking him to see me because of the bone infection.

I did see Dr. Levine and I had no choice but to have this operation. Dr. Levine’s office scheduled my surgery for the middle of August 2014 and made arrangements for my preadmission testing. I’m glad that I didn’t have to wait long to have the surgery. My surgery was scheduled at 8 AM at Princeton Hospital as an outpatient and I was back home, in my house, by 11:30 AM – that’s really remarkable. (By the way, the Princeton Hospital is really beautiful). My follow-up care with Dr. Levine was always done in a timely manner. My pressure wound is finally healed and it only took about 1-1/2 months after the surgery. When I went back for follow-ups, I could see the incision made to remove the bone was getting smaller and smaller.

In my opinion, I think that Dr. Levine is a dedicated and caring physician. I would recommend him, in an instant, to anyone. His staff, including the office personnel, was courteous and professional. I am very pleased that Dr. Levine was my surgeon.

Mary D.
Neptune, NJ

Dr. Vannozzi is an excellent surgeon. I had a very great experience with this doctor as well as his office staff. Dr. Vannozzi is very caring about his patients. He explained all procedures and, afterward, follow-up care. I cannot say enough about how wonderful and knowledgeable Dr. Vannozzi has been to me.

I had both total knees replaced about two months apart and all the support and care they provided was the best in the class. I cannot imagine going to a different office than this one. Many thanks to Dr. Vannozzi and all his highly-skilled team at Princeton Orthopaedic.

Maria K.
Whitehouse Station, NJ

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