Bridgewater resident Martha Barrett endured knee pain for nearly 25 years.

Then the former college gymnast met with Brian Vannozzi, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Princeton Medical Center’s Jim Craigie Center for Joint Replacement and a partner at Princeton Orthopaedic Associates. Together they agreed on a total knee replacement. She had had nine surgeries at other facilities over the years, but nothing had helped her regain her mobility.

After the procedure Martha was ecstatic. “I have zero pain now,” she says. “I can chase my three-year-old grandson down the street. I can play tennis. Dr. Vannozzi gave me my life back.”

See Martha talk about her incredible journey in this short video – from knee pain to meeting Dr. Vannozzi to reclaiming her life:

Martha’s enthusiasm for her new life has served as an example for her friends. “I’ve recommended Princeton Health to six of my friends, and they are all thrilled.”

With results like this, it’s no wonder Penn Medicine Princeton Health was recently ranked by US News & World Report as “high performing” in knee replacement.

For more information on the Jim Craigie Center for Joint Replacement and Dr. Vannozzi  call 609-924-8131

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