Michele S.

Dr Gecha is the very best.
I am a 19 year old varsity college swimmer who slipped leaving the pool, fell down a flight of stairs and severely hurt my knee. After over 9 months of physical therapy, two MRI’s and having seen two orthopaedic sport medicine doctors I was still constantly in severe pain they all said there was nothing wrong with my knee and it was all in my head. I finally went to see Dr. Gecha. He took a very long time examining me and reviewing all of my records including the two MRI scans both showing nothing of concern. He was very understanding and really understood what was going on with my knee. He also understood the stress of being a collegiate athlete and the pressure put on by coaches pressing for me to get back to competing. Together we put into place a plan which includes very special physical therapy by one of the great therapists at Princeton Orthopaedic, Sue. That prepared me for the surgery by Dr. Gecha on Tuesday August 12. On Sunday August 17 I drove back to school. Within a week I was feeling better and within two weeks I was completely pain free. I am still doing extremely well and hope to return to competitive swimming shortly after Thanksgiving.
I could not have done this without the knowledge and excellent care given by Dr. Gecha and his knowledgeable and caring staff. Thank you all.

Michele S

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