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Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement is a standard surgical procedure used to replace damaged bone ends within the joint with a metal and plastic prosthetic device. Advances in medical technology allow this procedure, which was originally performed using all invasive techniques, to now be done with minimally invasive ones. These minimally invasive techniques offer patients significant advantages over the traditional procedure.

Although hip replacement surgery sounds like it can be extensive, nowadays, there are various techniques to minimize the invasiveness of the surgery. First things first, this procedure is often performed under X-ray guidance to ensure precise placement of the implant. Secondly, surgical instruments are often used rather than forceps; thus, the muscles and tendons are only slightly detached, which means that they will heal very quickly.

Benefits of Total Hip Replacement Surgery

With minimally invasive total hip replacement, patients can benefit from:

  • Less pain
  • Less scarring
  • Less muscle damage
  • Faster recovery
  • Shorter hospital stay

How is MIS Total Hip Replacement Different from Traditional Hip Replacement?

Traditional total hip replacement surgery uses long incisions to view and access the joint. However, for select patients, their orthopaedic surgeon offers minimally invasive techniques in which one or shorter incisions are used or the location of the incision is changed. Because these procedures can keep post-surgery pain to a minimum, result in less invasive techniques for minimal trauma, and promote faster healing times, many doctors think they're ideal for select patients.

Despite some differences, traditional hip replacement surgery and minimally invasive surgery are both technically demanding procedures that should be performed by a team of skilled surgeons and operating staff who have plenty of experience in their field. In the case of traditional hip replacement, the damaged bones are cut, filed away, and removed while a new metal or ceramic hip joint is installed into the body. Whereas with minimally-invasive techniques, small incisions are used to insert a camera and miniaturized instruments to ensure a tight fit over the newly implanted material - this also allows the procedure to become faster and less physically draining on patients by enforcing fewer movements from them compared to other methods which have been developed in recent decades.

Who is a candidate for MIS Total Hip Replacement?

Minimally invasive total hip replacement is not suitable for all patients. Your doctor will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and consider several factors before determining whether the procedure is appropriate for you.

This method is ideal for younger, thinner, healthier patients who may be more motivated to recover quickly from hip replacement surgery. The idea behind this process is that it will help your body get back into shape faster while minimizing the amount of pain you endure.

In general, minimally invasive techniques may be less suitable or create a higher risk of complications for patients who:

  • Have already undergone other hip surgeries
  • Are overweight or very muscular
  • Have a significant deformity of the hip joint
  • Have other health issues that may slow wound healing 

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