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Brian Vannozzi is the Doctor who saved my life. I can tell you the following about this very special person who came into my life:

After a traumatic experience of shattering my hip, I was fortunate to go to Princeton Hospital and through resources my family found Dr. Brian Vannozzi.

He operated and replaced my hip. Fortunately, he was trained in the latest method in hip replacements.

I attribute my being able to walk, swim, dance, run and lead a normal life today to my attitude and Dr. Vannozzi’s skill.

Everyone has a different pain tolerance and mental attitude. We all have different physical abilities and different circumstances.

His bedside manner, integrity, honesty, knowledge of the newest procedures, and his dedication as a doctor is just the beginning of who he is. He cares!

Unfortunately, statistics show that 50% of the people who break their hip after the age of 55 will die. Of the 50% that live, only 25% will walk again without any assistance.

I have recommended many people who need a routine hip or knee replacement to Dr. Vannozzi. The feedback has only been positive.

With great respect, I remain, happy at 72 years young!

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