Kathleen K.

My experience with the POA office at Monroe has been very positive. The office staff was always polite, efficient, and accommodating.

Dr. Vannozzi is friendly, professional and responsive. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and reassuring. His surgical coordinator, Denise, was very, very helpful in organizing MRI appointment, pre-admission appointments and guiding me along with additional appointments I needed to make, i.e, with primary physician, cardiac, etc. She was available for questions and guidance throughout the pre-surgical period.

Dr. Vannozzi’s physician assistant, Dishank, proved himself invaluable to Dr. Vannozzi and his patients, as Dishank was consistently available for questions pre-surgery, post-surgery, medication queries, etc. He always returned calls in a timely manner.

I cannot say enough about my experiences in both May and October of this year. I would gladly recommend Dr. Vannozzi and his team of professionals to whomever is considering knee or hip replacement.

Category: Brian M. Vannozzi, M.D.

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