Lee M.

I am now 7 months post surgery.  It is amazing to feel this good.  I had forgotten what it was like to live without pain.  I still forget that I can now reach for the peanut butter on the top shelf effortlessly.  My strength is still building, only weak in the rotator cuff.  I shot baskets the other day.  I played tennis, too.  Today was the first time that I could hit the heavy bag confidently, not worried about hurting my shoulder.  You do have to go slow.  Do not overdo it or you will damage.  What was exciting was that after the initial full rest, there were noticeable improvements every few days and that continued slowly for me.  Now, I am stronger than I was last week.  My flexibility is better in the shoulder that had the surgery than my nonsurgical shoulder.  I was lucky to have worked with a very experienced physical therapist.  He had never seen a total shoulder replacement like mine.  He said that he cannot tell by manipulating me that it is a normal shoulder.  By the way, if you wanted to contact him directly, I am sure he would give you some nice feedback; Anthony Jordan, Mountainview PT, Hackettstown, NJ, 908-852-7002.  Dr. Abrams is genuinely happy for my improved life.  He does not walk around like so many other surgeons that I know.  I appreciate how down-to-earth he is.  Always smiling.  I never felt rushed.  Dr. Abrams always gave me as much time as I needed.  As for Herb, sorry last name might have been Williams, maybe that says it all.  It was a first name basis.  I knew without question that I could ask Herb a question anytime.  In closing, I have gone back in time.  My shoulder has not been this good for at least 10 years. 


Lee M.

Long Valley, NJ


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