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We’re Serious About “Outcome-Focused Care”

by Princeton Orthopaedic Associates

We’re Serious About “Outcome-Focused Care”

by Princeton Orthopaedic Associates

Now, on the surface, this begs the question, “Right, but aren’t ALL medical professionals outcome-focused? What makes POA special?!” This is the most important question you could ask when it comes to your medical care - let alone trying to find an orthopaedic surgeon or therapist! We welcome questions like this because they demand excellence - and we’re serious about excellence.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter treatment plans. We know that every patient has different injuries and different goals - different desires, different bodies, different hopes for what life should look like after orthopaedic care. Maybe you simply want to return to a normal lifestyle, or perhaps you want to run a marathon!

Whatever your goal is, that’s our goal, too!

Outcome-Focused Care

What does Outcome-focused care mean?

Outcome-focused care means listening to what you want and doing our absolute best to give it to you. Outcome-focused care means listening - closely and intently - first and foremost. Outcome-focused care means that we will never ignore how you feel and never ignore your input.

The POA Approach

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to patient care

Treating a 50-year-old patient the same as a 20-year-old patient does not help the patient. This approach doesn’t consider the patient’s age, activity level, or lifestyle. The result is often unnecessary treatments, unnecessary visits, and unnecessary COST that serve the business more than the patient.

Princeton Orthopaedic Associates has a vastly different approach to treating our patients. Our doctors take the time to get to know our patients, understand them, and recommend treatments that advance their overall objectives. That means we won’t recommend surgery or other procedures if we feel they will not benefit you. 

We treat you as an individual from the moment you walk through our doors. With the help of our physician’s assistants, doctors, teams, and therapists, we will tailor a treatment that takes what you want into account. Whether you want to get back to your active lifestyle or just want a non-invasive treatment that helps manage your pain, we can create a plan that suits you best.

Evidence-Based Treatment, Focused Specialists

Providing care that is based on sound science, sound research and proven, but cutting-edge, techniques is what we’re all about. We provide world-class orthopaedic care that advances our patients’ recovery through evidence-based procedures. This means we don’t perform costly or unnecessary procedures, and we don’t perform procedures if the likelihood of success isn’t high. 

We don’t experiment on our patients. We rely on proven treatments that we know will yield results. However, if new and better ways are proven to work for our patients, we will be among the first to adopt those treatments. For example, we use more non-invasive surgeries as they are perfected and become more beneficial for our patients. Our goal is to get you back to the best you possible, period. 

 Get Started With POA

Princeton Orthopaedic Associates exists to provide world-class care to our community, the surrounding region, and the greater northeastern United States in a highly collaborative, patient-centered environment. We get to know you not just as our patients but also as our neighbors. 

You don’t have to live your life in pain. Call or text us for an appointment, and let us see what we can do for you. What makes POA different is vision.  So many businesses - let alone medical professionals or orthopaedic surgeons - lack vision. A motto. A guiding light around which all care is focused.

At Princeton Orthopaedic Associates, our mission is simple.  We are a Community of Extraordinary care.

One of the ways we stay true to our vision is by extensive collaboration.  You see, not only do we serve the community, we ourselves are a community - A community of professionals dedicated to patient-first, collaborative care. That means our patient doesn’t just have one doctor working on their case. We talk to each other and work with each other to provide the absolute best, most comprehensive care for our patients. We can create a plan to reduce or eliminate your pain, so you can get back to living your life the way you want. Contact us today!

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POA is an outcome-focused orthopaedic practice which combines Extraordinary Talent, Techniques & Tools.
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