Patricia Y.

I had a huge rotator cuff tear on my right shoulder due to a fall last September. Dr. Frederick Song was my surgeon. He spent an appropriate amount of time to explain my medical condition and treatment strategy. He also listened and answered my questions and concerns with compassion and care. He and his able assistant, Ashley Reckdenwald, provided me with the do’s and don’ts both before and after the surgery. Due to his expert skills as a surgeon, the operation went smoothly and successfully.

In the subsequent five follow-ups (between 11/04/2014 and 05/19/2015), he told me my progress, as well as the expectation at each interval. I have regained nearly 98% of the motion and strength of my injured shoulder. I owe Dr. Song a big “thank you.”

In conclusion, Dr. Song is the kind of doctor every patient would like to have.

Patricia Y.
Plainsboro, NJ

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