At POA, We Are Driven to Care for Our Community

by Princeton Orthopaedic Associates

At POA, We Are Driven to Care for Our Community

by Princeton Orthopaedic Associates

We pride ourselves on being a community of extraordinary care. As community-based caregivers, our doctors, teams, and physical therapists exist to provide world-class care for our local community first. Our love for our community is why we are driven to provide the extraordinary care we’re known for delivering. 

Pioneers of Extraordinary Care

We strive to be true pioneers in how doctors collaborate. We don’t let egos get in the way of providing exceptional care to our patients. We believe that two heads are better than one, so we collaborate. If treatment in another POA practice area makes sense, we won’t hesitate to make that referral. 

We are community orthopaedic surgeons. When our patients have a question for Dr. Lamb, they get a call from Dr. Lamb. We provide a great product that we deliver personally to the people of our community with great care. 

Why is this so important to us? We’re long-time members of our communities. We live here, and we love being here. We see our patients on the sports field, grocery store, bike trails, and taking our kids to school. The people who walk through our doors are more than patients — they’re neighbors. We know you, and we want to give you the best care possible. You don’t need to drive two hours to receive the proper treatment. We can provide that here. 

“You want your neighbors to be well; you want the individuals around you to be well, and the better your community is, the safer and more productive your life will be, as well as your community,” said Dr. Jeffrey S. Abrams, a shoulder specialist with POA. 

We serve our neighbors just like we would serve our family. That’s part of the community of extraordinary care you’ll find at POA.

“All of our partners are so well qualified that I’m very comfortable for any one of them to take care of my family members, and they have,” said Dr. Hari P. Bezwada. “So it’s not just a practice, it’s not just a group of partners, it’s more of a family more than anything else.” 

World-Class Care for Central New Jersey

When a patient visits us with pain, we don’t just shuffle them off to the first doctor available. They meet with a physician’s assistant who will talk with them about their pain, lifestyle, and goals for their recovery. 

The physician’s assistant will obtain preliminary x-rays and MRI scans to refer them to the correct orthopaedic doctor so that doctor has all the information they need to suggest the proper treatment. 

These steps are just the beginning. We do more than study an x-ray. We get to know you as a patient because we want to get you to the best place possible. We want to know your goals for your treatment and recovery. Are you looking to alleviate your pain, or do you want to get back on the football field? Do you want to be able to take a simple walk, or do you have dreams of running a marathon? Whatever your activity level, whatever your goals, we want to do everything we can to get you where you want to be. 

“One of the advantages of Princeton Orthopaedics is that we are specialists, so we are experts in what we do,” said Dr. Stuart Levine, a foot and ankle specialist with POA. “We have people who, if you have a shoulder problem [we have] an expert in your shoulder. We have people for your knees; they’re experts in the knees.”

We don’t treat x-rays. We don’t treat test results. We treat people. 

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