POA’s Legacy: Exceptional Specialists, Extraordinary Care

by Princeton Orthopaedic Associates


POA’s Legacy: Exceptional Specialists, Extraordinary Care

by Princeton Orthopaedic Associates

Princeton Orthopaedic Associates isn’t one of those quick pop-up clinics. We’ve been around for more than 35 years, and we’ve proudly built a reputation as a community of extraordinary care. We’ve expanded that community of care over the years from one office to six amazing locations throughout Central New Jersey. 

“I think all the way back to when I came to Princeton Orthopaedic Associates,” said Dr. W. Thomas Gutowski, a hip and knee specialist with POA and one of our earliest members. “I remember going to dinner with the two guys that I joined in 1985, and saying to one of those guys, ‘Do you think someday we might have two offices?’” 

“So, you can imagine when I think of POA today, the tremendous feeling of success,” he said. 

That success has been cultivated over the last three decades by providing personalized, exceptional care to every patient who walks through our doors, whether that’s our main office or second office in Princeton, or our offices in Plainsboro, Monroe, Ewing, or Robbinsville.

More Than Just a Partnership

At Princeton Orthopaedic Associates, we have spent years going beyond a collection of doctors in one building. We have created a community of extraordinary care, with doctors who have become true world-class specialists in their respective fields. 

“We’ve really taken it to another level, and that level is a good thing,” said Dr. Gutowski. “I look at all these junior partners of mine, and they’re not junior partners, they are now my partners, and I think one of the key things that all of my partners believe in is that the people we bring in want to be good people, caring physicians, as opposed to just technicians.

“Good, solid, honest, hard-working people — that’s been the recipe to get good doctors.”

 Bringing the Personal Touch to Our Community

POA takes pride in providing personalized care for our patients. We don’t just treat an x-ray or a diagnosis — we treat people. That philosophy has made us more than a medical clinic. We are a true resource for our communities. 

“People know us, they value us, and they respect us,” said Dr. Gutowski. “We believe in the community, and so we need to be solid across that. We can’t be isolated off in a corner somewhere, and I think we’re trying to change and evolve with our community, without ever losing the personal touch.”

POA does this by focusing on patients over profits. Often, modern medical communities lose sight of the patient, opting instead to maximize profits. We don’t do that here. Instead, we understand that patient-first care creates better outcomes. 

“We very much want to be doctors who deliver extraordinary care,” Dr. Gutowski said, “because I think we are dealing with extraordinary people, too, who value that, who recognize that, and demand that, and so it’s up to us to deliver on that part.” 

Contact us today to see how you can become a part of our community of extraordinary care!

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POA is an outcome-focused orthopaedic practice which combines Extraordinary Talent, Techniques & Tools.
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