Jodi S.

For years, I had heard how wonderful Dr. Palmer was in the treatment of many pain patients. Unfortunately, this past summer I had substantial back pain and found myself in need of treatment. Dr. Palmer was my first choice and he lived up to every praise I had ever heard about him. Dr. Palmer spent his time really listening to my issues in order to give me proper evaluation. He is compassionate and was dedicated to providing me with quick pain relief. Dr. Palmer’s injection technique was delicate and did not hurt me at all.

In a followup appointment, Dr. Palmer discussed both long and short term strategies with me, allowing me the opportunity to find a solution that met my needs. I ultimately ended up getting surgery, but would recommend him to anyone in need of a pain management, and an honest, very educated opinion.

Jodi S.
Hillsborough, NJ

Category: Michael A. Palmer, M.D.

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