Ulnar Nerve Transposition

The ulnar nerve of the elbow is susceptible to pinching from several different factors, the most common of which is cubital tunnel syndrome. This disorder is characterized by a numbness in the small (pinky) and ring fingers, particularly when the elbow is flexed. It is important to see a doctor if you experience these symptoms for extended amounts of time, as the neuropathy can cause the muscle to degrade and go to waste, which cannot be reversed. The ulnar nerve may also be compressed at the wrist, in which case a different course of treatment would be necessary.

Ulnar Nerve Transposition Recovery

Non-surgical treatment is based around preventing the elbow from moving into haphazard positions during sleep, keeping the elbow supported during typing and minimizing usage of the elbow while it is bent. In more severe cases, or if the aforementioned methods do not improve the situation, a surgical intervention may be indicated. The problem is fixed by repositioning the ulnar nerve from its position behind the elbow to a new position in front of the elbow, either above or below the muscle. This severely reduces the pressure on the nerve, thus eliminating the pain. Recovery generally requires immobilization of the elbow for two to four weeks and rehabilitation exercises for three to four months afterwards.

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