Jeff S.

Over the last few years, I have needed three separate and different surgical procedures on my right foot, and my wife has had one procedure. The Achilles tendon on my right foot had become inflamed, my big toe first joint became worn out, and my small toe developed a hammertoe. My wife had what is called a Morton neuroma, a growth of nerve tissue between toes. So, you might say that we have had a lot of experience with Dr. Hasan and that she has become perhaps more familiar with our feet than even a podiatric surgeon would desire.

We both have been very pleased with the quality of care that we receive from Dr. Hasan, as well as the Princeton Orthopaedic staff, the physical therapy staff at the Princeton Avenue and Route 206 offices, and of course the hospital staff during the surgery. During the course of treatment for each of our issues, Dr. Hasan explained what was wrong, and she clearly outlined the possible courses of action. While surgery is probably no one’s favorite choice, when one cannot walk without pain on every step, it is probably the only choice. We were able to schedule this quickly, and the procedures were thankfully completed without any issues.

After surgery, care is important. Changing casts and dressings and dealing with post-recovery pain and physical therapy was relatively drama-free. The physical therapists were patient and effective. So,do we want to have more foot surgeries? no, but I know where to go if I need more.

Jeff S.
Princeton, NJ


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