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Broken Hand

Broken Hand

A broken hand is a fracture of one or more bones in your hand, including the phalanges (finger and thumb bones) and the metacarpals (palm bones). Broken bones usually happen from either a direct blow or from stress during a fall or accident. A “clean” break can sometimes be set and braced with a cast until it heals. More significant or multiple breaks may require surgery. 

Higher Risk for Broken Hands

Some people may be more at risk for broken hands, such as athletes in full-contact sports. Genetic, nutritional, or other physical conditions can increase the risk as well. For example, those with osteoporosis or brittle bones may have a better chance of breaking a bone from a heavy blow or movement that puts extra strain on the hand.

Symptoms of a Hand Break

A break in a hand bone may be evident in some cases, but not all. In some cases, a break will be obvious because of the displacement or dislocation of the bones or fingers. In other cases, the break may become more evident as time passes and the hand swells, bruises, or becomes too stiff or painful to move. 

Bones with displaced fractures — where the two ends are moved apart — will show an obvious fracture more than a hairline fracture, where a bone may be cracked, but the ends don’t move from their original location.

We can determine whether a bone is cracked or broken through x-rays. Once it’s determined how bad the break is, we will be able to provide the best treatment to heal the fracture and keep as much mobility in your hand as possible. 

Treatment for a Broken Hand

You may think that a finger or hand break doesn’t need immediate or professional treatment, but that is definitely not the case. It’s imperative to have your break treated right away. If a hand or finger break is not set correctly, it will not heal properly. This could limit mobility later or cause other issues, such as pain, stiffness, or immobility. Early treatment will also reduce the pain and stiffness and will allow the break to heal properly.

If you suspect a break, contact us right away.

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