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Tendon Rupture, Laceration Repairs, & Transfers

Tendon Rupture, Laceration Repairs, & Transfers

Tendons are the strong, fibrous tissues that connect muscle to bone and allow movement and joint function. They are primarily made up of collagen, and while they are strong, they are also highly vulnerable to inflammation and injury, such as tendonitis or rupture. 

Tendon ruptures can frequently occur in the wrist because the tendons assist in flexing, rotating, and extending muscles there. Athletes who throw or grasp using wrist muscles, such as baseball pitchers, are prone to tendon ruptures. The injury may be painful and may cause joint swelling, reducing function in the hand or wrist. 

Treatment to Repair Tendons

We must repair tendon ruptures surgically. There are two types of surgery for this repair. One involves just the tendon itself, while the other use tendon tissue from elsewhere in your body. 

In the first technique, the two ends of the ruptured tendon are sewn together tightly with non-absorbent stitches. In the transfer procedure, part of a tendon from another part of your body replaces the ruptured tendon.

The muscles are then immobilized in a splint or brace for several weeks or even months to allow the tendon time to heal fully. Once the tendon is healed, physical therapy is necessary to complete recovery and restore movement in the joint.

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