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Ahmed E

I would just like to let you know Dr. Mizrachi how lucky I am to have you for my doctor, after having had a very bad experience with a prior doctor. I know that it will take a while for my condition to improve. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful attitude you have towards me, that I feel very optimistic that my disc and back problems will get better with all help and advice towards me.

You have become one of the biggest names around my family and friends. I am always telling everyone what a wonderful person you are and that I have nothing but respect and admiration for you. I hope that you have continued success with your practice and in all things that life will come your way.

To say thank you is not enough to try to explain how I feel about you. I wish for the best of everything for you: good health and a good life. I am always praying for the best of everything for you. You make me feel like I have a second home when I visit your office.

Ahmed E.
Plainsboro, NJ

Denise C.

I chose the services of Princeton Orthopaedic Associates, PA, for the outstanding services and optimal results from treatment by Dr. Arik Mizrachi. Dr. Mizrachi asks all the right questions which require detailed answers to my health issues over the past few years. He gets to the heart of my issues quickly. He prescribed MRIs and x-rays which confirmed his prognosis and highlighted other issues which Dr. Mizrachi immediately acted upon. He prescribed PT sessions, and when we assessed the positive results of that, he generously prescribed additional PT which solved my issues. He generously offered samples of medicine which resulted in optimal results combined with the PT. Dr. Mizrachi has an excellent bedside manner; he offers insightful professional opinion in a lively interactive discussion which I can understand as a patient. He offered multiple solutions/options for treatment of my issues, and while we completed a successful procedure initially with short term results, we found an optimal solution for long range treatment through a new prescription combined with an active exercise regimen. I highly recommend Dr. Mizrachi’s services for hip and lower back issues for an optimal quality of life.

Denise C.
Hillsborough, NJ

Dennis B

No words can express my gratitude towards your good will. You help make the world a better place and I appreciate that, so thank you for being you.

Dennis B.
Hopewell, NJ

Jeff S.

Over the last few years, I have needed three separate and different surgical procedures on my right foot, and my wife has had one procedure. The Achilles tendon on my right foot had become inflamed, my big toe first joint became worn out, and my small toe developed a hammertoe. My wife had what is called a Morton neuroma, a growth of nerve tissue between toes. So, you might say that we have had a lot of experience with Dr. Hasan and that she has become perhaps more familiar with our feet than even a podiatric surgeon would desire.

We both have been very pleased with the quality of care that we receive from Dr. Hasan, as well as the Princeton Orthopaedic staff, the physical therapy staff at the Princeton Avenue and Route 206 offices, and of course the hospital staff during the surgery. During the course of treatment for each of our issues, Dr. Hasan explained what was wrong, and she clearly outlined the possible courses of action. While surgery is probably no one’s favorite choice, when one cannot walk without pain on every step, it is probably the only choice. We were able to schedule this quickly, and the procedures were thankfully completed without any issues.

After surgery, care is important. Changing casts and dressings and dealing with post-recovery pain and physical therapy was relatively drama-free. The physical therapists were patient and effective. So,do we want to have more foot surgeries? no, but I know where to go if I need more.

Jeff S.
Princeton, NJ

Audrey B.

When our son, Garrett, mentioned he was having foot pain at the age of 13, we were understandably concerned. He is a born athlete, and we worry that issues with his feet could prevent him from playing the sports he loves. Dr. Jennifer Hasan explained what was causing the pain and gave us an action plan to address the problem. Garrett then had successful surgery on both feet. Dr. Jennifer Hasan did a wonderful job with the procedure and provided us with support throughout the entire process. Garrett is now able to participate in a variety of sports thanks to Dr. Hasan.

Audrey B.
Kendall Park, NJ

Eva R.

I came to see Dr. Ark after another orthopedist had basically brushed me off after prescribed physical therapy did not help. X-rays had been performed, and I was told that they could try cortisone injections, but that was all they would recommend because they did not think that I needed to consider therapy. Once the cortisone shots failed, they had no recommendations!

As a classical pianist, I found this very frustrating because it is imperative that I have complete use of my hand. Dr. Ark listened to me carefully, requested x-rays to be done, and explained the options available to me. He was honest about the time required between surgeries and the fact that he could not predict the outcome. He recommended using an autograft instead of an artificial implant because there was less chance of rejection.

I had the first surgery in 10/2013 and the second in 03/2014. The end result is that the continuous pain that I had in both thumbs has been alleviated to the point that in 12/2014 I applied to the Master of Music program in piano performance at Westminster Choir College. Last month, I received an acceptance letter together with the maximum scholarship that they could award.

I cannot thank Dr. Ark and his assistant, Howard, enough. They gave me back an important part of my life. They understood how important this was and gave me their complete attention. The staff at POA was always supportive and cheerful. My experience was positive, and I know that I have orthopedists that I can trust. I would recommend that anyone, especially serious musicians who need to have their concerns treated seriously, to contact Dr. Ark.

Eva R.
Princeton, NJ

Patricia Y.

I had a huge rotator cuff tear on my right shoulder due to a fall last September. Dr. Frederick Song was my surgeon. He spent an appropriate amount of time to explain my medical condition and treatment strategy. He also listened and answered my questions and concerns with compassion and care. He and his able assistant, Ashley Reckdenwald, provided me with the do’s and don’ts both before and after the surgery. Due to his expert skills as a surgeon, the operation went smoothly and successfully.

In the subsequent five follow-ups (between 11/04/2014 and 05/19/2015), he told me my progress, as well as the expectation at each interval. I have regained nearly 98% of the motion and strength of my injured shoulder. I owe Dr. Song a big “thank you.”

In conclusion, Dr. Song is the kind of doctor every patient would like to have.

Patricia Y.
Plainsboro, NJ

Michael R.

Beginning with the first visit, the entire staff was helpful and professional. The entire process, through the surgery, was also competent and all my questions were answered to allay any concerns we had. Thank you, Dr. Moskwa, for helping me get back to normal.

Michael R.
Somerset, NJ

Nelson O.

Clearly, had 3 snapped rotator cuff muscles caused by 2 great accidents while vacationing in Costa Rica.  Two months later, I had my first visit with Dr. Song who immediately recognized that my shoulder was dislocated and took immediate action to prevent a need for an artificial shoulder operation.  From then on, every aspect of my care was administered with consummate professionalism.  I really feel your practice is first class in every way.  Dr. Song is really on top of his game and the whole experience was amazing, given the seriousness of my injuries.  Eight months after my operation, I was back playing beach volleyball.


Nelson O.


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