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Steven J.

I can walk, jump, and run the Philly half-marathon thanks to Dr. Stuart Levine.

In July of 2000, I had a traumatic accident. I fell off a ladder over 20 feet high and I landed standing straight up! My left leg took all the impact and I had a compound fracture and broke both bones (tib and fib).

Over the course of a year, I had many surgeries to repair and mend the bones, including lots of physical therapy and gym time. By 2001, I was back in the field and fully functioning as a technician doing Appliance Repair.

The experience was gruesome, but with the persistence, professionalism and loving care of Dr. Levine and his staff, I survived this dark period of time in my life. It will never be forgotten!

If you find yourself in need of a top-notch orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Stuart Levine and his team should be your first call!

-Steven J.
Edison, NJ

Elizabeth R.

I wish to extend my sincere compliments to Dr. Levine and his staff for the excellent care given to me when I broke my ankle in three places.

The accident was on a Saturday, when I was out of town. Dr. Levine’s office adjusted everyone’s schedule so I could be seen Monday morning at 9:15 followed by surgery on Friday.

Dr. Levine was complete in his explanation of the breaks, his intended procedures, and the postoperative results. I always felt I was receiving the most professional care in the most sympathetic way possible.

I would recommend Dr. Levine and his staff, so competently supported by Ms. Kelly Little, PA, to anyone with the serious injury I suffered last May.

-Elizabeth R.
Princeton Junction, NJ

Nancy M.

Having my knees replaced was the best thing I ever did. Dr. Vannozzi always took the time to talk to me and didn’t dismiss my issues because I am overweight.

The surgery was almost painless, as far as my recovery. I had one knee done and, two months later, the second knee. They were a little different in my recovery – Dr. Vannozzi told me that would most likely be true.

I can go anywhere with my children and grandchildren. Gram doesn’t have to find a bench any longer!

Nancy M.
South River, NJ

Lisa M.

Today was 8 months since my second rotator cuff repair with Dr. Abrams.
I want to thank you for all the superb care you offered.
My shoulders feel great!

As suggested, I am re-evaluating my fitness regimen.
Maybe I don’t need a 3rd degree black belt. We shall see.

Thanks again. My experience as your patient was exceptional.

Lisa M.
Hamilton, NJ

Lisa P.

Dr. Ark was very warm and knowledgeable about treating my injury. His approachable manner made it easy for us to ask questions. He made us feel comfortable. He did my surgery with keeping my recovery to a minimum. I have followed up with Dr. Ark and my experience was amazing. I would recommend Dr. Ark and his office for any orthopedic needs.

Lisa P.
East Windsor, NJ

Charles D.

Dr. Moskwa performed surgery on my shoulder. I am extremely satisfied with the results. He was up front with me, sensed my anxiety, and went out of his way to assure me of what the surgery entailed and what I could expect.

The follow-up to the surgery was very thorough. My timeline for recovery was exactly as he did inform me it would be. He is an excellent surgeon.

Charles D.
Cream Ridge, NJ

Millie P.

My surgery with Dr. Smith went very well…my follow-up care was done with POA. My postop visits were handled efficiently and quickly. I had no difficulties scheduling my appointments and my waiting time was minimal. Dr. Smith took his time explaining my x-rays and how my healing was doing and what to expect next. All-in-all, things moved along smoothly.

Millie P.
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Maria K.

Dr. Vannozzi is an excellent surgeon. I had a very great experience with this doctor as well as his office staff.

Dr. Vannozzi is very caring about his patients. He explained all procedures and, afterwards, follow-up care. I cannot say enough about how wonderful and knowledgeable Dr. Vannozzi has been to me.

I had both total knees replaced about two months apart and all the support and caring they provided was the best in the class. I cannot imagine going to a different office than this one.

Many thanks to Dr. Vannozzi and all his highly-skilled team at Princeton Orthopaedic.

Maria K.
Whitehouse Station, NJ

Mary D.

I was a patient at the St. Peter’s Wound Center in Monroe, being treated for a pressure wound under my right big toe. After several unsuccessful attempts, and nearly two years of trying to heal this wound, one of the doctors I had seen on my next visit to the Wound Center, mentioned Dr. Levine to me. She said that he specialized in the foot and, at this point, he could maybe help me. She told me to make an appointment to see him, just to see what he had to say.

I did make that appointment and I saw him in July of 2014. He told me that the bone in my right big toe should be removed and that this should take care of my problem. I was nervous about having this done because I didn’t know how my foot was going to be. I told Dr. Levine that I would think about it and get back to him.

After a few visits to the Wound Center, I could see that nothing was getting better. Then, on my visit to the Wound Center in August of 2014, the doctor at the Wound Center who had checked my wound, went on to probe it and he hit bone. This was not good, because now the bone was exposed and also infected. The Wound Center doctor, phoned Dr. Levine’s office and spoke with him, asking him to see me because of the bone infection.

I did see Dr. Levine and I had no choice but to have this operation. Dr. Levine’s office scheduled my surgery for the middle of August 2014 and made arrangements for my preadmission testing. I’m glad that I didn’t have to wait long to have the surgery. My surgery was scheduled at 8 AM at Princeton Hospital as an outpatient and I was back home, in my house, by 11:30 AM – that’s really remarkable. (By the way, the Princeton Hospital is really beautiful). My follow-up care with Dr. Levine was always done in a timely manner. My pressure wound is finally healed and it only took about 1-1/2 months after the surgery. When I went back for follow-ups, I could see the incision made to remove the bone was getting smaller and smaller.

In my opinion, I think that Dr. Levine is a dedicated and caring physician. I would recommend him, in an instant, to anyone. His staff, including the office personnel, was courteous and professional. I am very pleased that Dr. Levine was my surgeon.

Mary D.
Neptune, NJ


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