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Eileen and Mark B

Over the past two decades, Dr. Richard E. Fleming has been the indispensable, trusted, and consistently reliable orthopedic physician for the entire family. In performing surgeries, diagnosing knee, shoulder, and elbow problems, as well as prescribing appropriate treatment, Dr. Fleming has always been professional in his engaging, heartfelt, witty manner. Dr. Fleming personalizes all interactions and explanations in a considered, detailed, and user-friendly construct. He, and the practice-at-large, have become a significant part of a local health care system that addresses the needs of three generations of our family.

Eileen and Mark B.

Bonnie H.

Brian Vannozzi is the Doctor who saved my life. I can tell you the following about this very special person who came into my life:

After a traumatic experience of shattering my hip, I was fortunate to go to Princeton Hospital and through resources my family found Dr. Brian Vannozzi.

He operated and replaced my hip. Fortunately, he was trained in the latest method in hip replacements.

I attribute my being able to walk, swim, dance, run and lead a normal life today to my attitude and Dr. Vannozzi’s skill.

Everyone has a different pain tolerance and mental attitude. We all have different physical abilities and different circumstances.

His bedside manner, integrity, honesty, knowledge of the newest procedures, and his dedication as a doctor is just the beginning of who he is. He cares!

Unfortunately, statistics show that 50% of the people who break their hip after the age of 55 will die. Of the 50% that live, only 25% will walk again without any assistance.

I have recommended many people who need a routine hip or knee replacement to Dr. Vannozzi. The feedback has only been positive.

With great respect, I remain, happy at 72 years young!

Kathleen K.

My experience with the POA office at Monroe has been very positive. The office staff was always polite, efficient, and accommodating.

Dr. Vannozzi is friendly, professional and responsive. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and reassuring. His surgical coordinator, Denise, was very, very helpful in organizing MRI appointment, pre-admission appointments and guiding me along with additional appointments I needed to make, i.e, with primary physician, cardiac, etc. She was available for questions and guidance throughout the pre-surgical period.

Dr. Vannozzi’s physician assistant, Dishank, proved himself invaluable to Dr. Vannozzi and his patients, as Dishank was consistently available for questions pre-surgery, post-surgery, medication queries, etc. He always returned calls in a timely manner.

I cannot say enough about my experiences in both May and October of this year. I would gladly recommend Dr. Vannozzi and his team of professionals to whomever is considering knee or hip replacement.

Janelle B.

I have a rather extensive history with Dr. Abrams and his PA, Herb Williams. I have had 4 surgeries with them ranging in time from 2005 to 2014. I can honestly say I love these two men. They have been so kind and caring over all these years.

My first experience with Dr. Jeffrey Abrams was in November of 2005. I had a severe rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder which required surgery. My surgery took place at the end of December 2005. First, the nurses at the surgery center were terrific! My surgery required twice the time they had anticipated, but Dr. Abrams was very thorough in finding and repairing all the damage I had – a major tear to the subscapularis and supraspinatus as well as a total tear with retraction of the long head of the biceps tendon. All his work was done with minimal invasiveness (arthroscopically) which minimized scarring and disfiguration, not to mention, recovery time.

On surgery day, prior to my surgery, Dr. Abrams personally came around to me to chat about the surgery, and to generally see how I was doing and if I had any questions. He has a very kind and gentle way about him.

I was sent home in a sling with a couple of prescriptions. A day or two after surgery, I was contacted by the surgery center to see how I was doing. All in all, just a great experience (as far as surgical procedures go).

Since my initial surgery, I have returned for 3 other surgeries with Dr. Abrams. Dr. Abrams went back into my right shoulder 9 months after the initial surgery to release scar tissue that was preventing movement. In 2009, Dr. Abrams performed a similar surgery on my left shoulder, and then in 2013, he went into my right shoulder again because I was complaining of pain. That time, he “cleaned up” my shoulder by removing old sutures, a bone spur, and some arthritis, and let me say this…my right shoulder feels the best it has in 14 years!

Although the waiting time is excessive for office visits, Dr. Abrams and Herb make me feel like a family member when I see them. They aren’t all business. They take the time to ask about my family and my overall well-being. They take the time for my concerns and questions, and never rush me through an office visit. I just love Dr. Abrams and Herb Williams. They are two very caring and compassionate professionals.

-Janelle B.
Yardley, PA

Nnenna L.

My experience with Dr. Abrams and his staff was 100% positive. Dr. Abrams has all of the best qualities you could hope for in a doctor: expertise and a genuine kind caring manner. I hope to never have surgery again, but if I do, it will most definitely be with Dr. Abrams.

-Nnenna L.
New York, NY

Ellen N.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Dr. Nazarian has been to me. He has successfully fixed my back issues. I was in constant pain and losing all feeling and movement in my left leg.

Dr. Nazarian is a caring, personable doctor who listened and supported me when I needed encouragement and the confidence Dr. Nazarian would fix my problem. More doctors should have such a great doctor/patient relationship. He is simply the BEST.

I have also had surgeries with Dr. Gutowski, another doctor about whom I have many good things to say. I have, and will continue to recommend Dr. Nazarian and Dr. Gutowski every time.

-Ellen N.
Monroe Township, NJ

Steven J.

I can walk, jump, and run the Philly half-marathon thanks to Dr. Stuart Levine.

In July of 2000, I had a traumatic accident. I fell off a ladder over 20 feet high and I landed standing straight up! My left leg took all the impact and I had a compound fracture and broke both bones (tib and fib).

Over the course of a year, I had many surgeries to repair and mend the bones, including lots of physical therapy and gym time. By 2001, I was back in the field and fully functioning as a technician doing Appliance Repair.

The experience was gruesome, but with the persistence, professionalism and loving care of Dr. Levine and his staff, I survived this dark period of time in my life. It will never be forgotten!

If you find yourself in need of a top-notch orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Stuart Levine and his team should be your first call!

-Steven J.
Edison, NJ

Elizabeth R.

I wish to extend my sincere compliments to Dr. Levine and his staff for the excellent care given to me when I broke my ankle in three places.

The accident was on a Saturday, when I was out of town. Dr. Levine’s office adjusted everyone’s schedule so I could be seen Monday morning at 9:15 followed by surgery on Friday.

Dr. Levine was complete in his explanation of the breaks, his intended procedures, and the postoperative results. I always felt I was receiving the most professional care in the most sympathetic way possible.

I would recommend Dr. Levine and his staff, so competently supported by Ms. Kelly Little, PA, to anyone with the serious injury I suffered last May.

-Elizabeth R.
Princeton Junction, NJ

Diane S.

I have been a patient of POA for many years. My experience with the office has always been very gratifying from all aspects: I have had surgery, physical therapy, and many office visits. Everyone is very knowledgeable and caring.

Dr. Miller-Smith has always taken the time to listen to me, explain my problem, and treated me in the best possible way. I really don’t want another surgery and she is helping me to be able to put it off with a plan of treatment that is working for me. I brought my 87 year-old mother to see her. She makes me feel very comfortable. I just love her.

-Diane S.
Stockton, NJ


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