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Foot Fusion

Foot Fusion

Joint fusion, or arthrodesis, is a surgical procedure in which bones in a joint are fused together using screws, pins or metal plates. Arthrodesis is performed on patients with arthritis who haven’t responded to more traditional treatments, such as medications, cortisone injections, braces, or orthotics. The bones are fused together to prevent them from rubbing together and making the pain and arthritis worse. 

Foot Fusion Procedure

Patients with arthritis in their feet may undergo subtalar and triple arthrodesis. There are three main joints in the back of the foot: the subtalar, the calcaneocuboid, and the talonavicular joints. In this surgery, all three of those joints are fused together. Screws are inserted to stabilize the bones and get them to grow together. 

Arthrodesis may be performed on those with foot deformities, as well. In those cases, a bone graft from below the knee may be used to correct the deformity. 

Arthrodesis usually relieves the patient’s pain, but it also can reduce their range of motion. That’s why this procedure usually isn’t done until other treatments are tried and found to be ineffective. 

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