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Hoffman Procedure

Hoffman Procedure

The Hoffman Procedure is used to treat patients with severe foot deformities due to chronic conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hammertoe, or severe bunion. This surgical procedure is used to provide pain relief for patients and to help them with balance and mobility. 

What Is the Hoffman Procedure?

The Hoffman Procedure is a surgery that involves removing all of the metatarsal heads. These are the bones in the middle of the foot that connects with the phalanges, or toe bones. The ends of the metatarsals are cut off to eliminate the deformed, bony ends of the joint. Doing this changes where the patient bears weight on their foot, moving the weight-bearing area further down the foot to an area of more support. This helps improve balance and reduces pain. 

Most patients who undergo this procedure report reduced or eliminated pain in their feet. This is commonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis patients with foot deformities. However, this procedure has also been used on diabetic patients who have dealt with ulceration of their feet. The procedure has also been used to correct severe hammertoes or severe bunions. Eliminating the metatarsal heads allows space to realign the big toe and relieve the patient’s pain. 

To find out more about the Hoffman Procedure, contact Princeton Orthopaedic Associates. We can discuss this and other options to treat your foot pain! 

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