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Flat Foot Treatment

Flat Foot Treatment

Treatment for adults with flat feet usually involves the posterior tibial tendon, which runs down the back of the lower leg through the ankle and creates the arch in the foot by holding up the bones in the center of the foot. If that tendon is ruptured, it can cause the arch to fall and the foot to deform. 

Princeton Orthopaedic Associates has solutions to correct flat foot problems, from custom orthotics to surgery to repair the tendon. 

Flat Foot Causes

Adult flat foot often can be attributed to the rupture of the posterior tibial tendon. People can have “flat feet” from childhood, where the arch isn’t significant, but it’s when the tendon tears that patients begin to experience pain. 

The ruptured tendon also causes the foot to roll inward and flatten. As that happens, supporting ligaments and tendons around the ankle and foot begin to stretch and tear, causing more pain and foot deformity. 

Flat Foot Treatment

Treatment for mild flat foot conditions can consist of orthotics or braces to realign the foot and allow the tendon to heal properly. Those who also have deformities in the foot already likely will require surgery. 

Surgery consists of a calcaneal osteotomy. That means the heel bone is cut and shifted back into place. Another tendon is used to replace the torn tibial tendon. The results tend to be very effective, and recurrence tends to be low after this surgery. 

Contact Princeton Orthopaedic Associates today to find out how we can correct your flat foot issues.

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