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Kidner Procedure

Kidner Procedure

Some people are born with an extra bone in their foot. Normally, there are seven bones in the back part of the foot known as the tarsal bones. Some people have an eighth bone, and over time, that bone can cause pain. 

The Kidner Procedure is a surgery that removes that extra bone, alleviating the patient’s pain. 

An Extra Foot Bone

The foot is made up of three types of bones: the tarsals (back of the foot), the metatarsals (middle of the foot), and the phalanges (toe bones). Most people have seven tarsals, including a bone called the navicular, which is situated between the ankle bone and the smaller tarsal bones. 

A few people have a small extra bone called the accessory navicular. This bone sits between the navicular and the posterior tibial tendon, which attaches the lower leg to the arch of the foot. 

Over time, that extra bone can rub the tendon, causing pain. This is especially true when walking or playing sports. Not all accessory navicular bones cause pain. For those that do, Kidner Procedure surgery is recommended. 

What Is the Kidner Procedure?

The Kidner Procedure begins by detaching the accessory navicular bone from the posterior tibial tendon and removing it from the foot. With the bone removed, the surgeon then attaches the tendon onto the proper navicular bone. The surgery usually involves a small incision on the side of the foot that is closed with stitches. 

Recovery time for the Kidner Procedure is usually about six weeks. Patients may need to use crutches during that time. With the problem bone removed, the patient should no longer have pain once they recover from the surgery.

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