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New Jersey Orthopaedic Surgeons

Princeton Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. welcomes the opportunity to help you with your Orthopaedic concerns. We are dedicated to excellence in community health care in the areas of orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine, injuries to the neck and back, and physical therapy and rehabilitative medicine.

Our mission is to be THE orthopaedic health care provider of choice and the recognized leader in the delivery of quality health care services by:

  • Differentiating ourselves through dedication to SERVICE EXCELLENCE
  • Forging a partnership with our staff to enhance the quality of life of those we serve
  • Recognizing each member’s responsibility and contribution to patient care
  • Providing an environment that supports the health sciences, education, and the continued advances in medical technology leading to superior treatment in the clinical applications
  • Operating as a successful business, providing the highest quality service in the most cost effective and ethical manner.

Please contact us for an appointment, or if we can be of any other assistance. Thank you for visiting Princeton Orthopaedic Associates.


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